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at Your Sea Mountain Day Spas, California and Las Vega$!

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Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Join us for some festive retreat at our Desert Burning Lingerie Galleria Nudestocks Sexy Event. As friends of SMI descend from all over the world. This weekend has groups from Jamaica and even VIP members coming to stay in up-scale class and style. look for some of the world’s greatest Sea Mountaineers from 10 countries and 19 states! – The big night sky is shining on your nude bodies in a glow of LOVE.

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Last weekend we had huge crowds
and the world’s sexiest DJs spun and danced until the sun came up in one of the most off the hook parties of the year. When the DJs ended the warm waters kept the crowds in bliss ’til the sun rose! Experience the most amazing experience in North America! Over 200 per day and we do apologize as SMI turned away over 20 couples so call early. We do love you.

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Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spas

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spas Villa October Offer

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Includes your favorite beverages and 24 hour snacks and the whirlpool nude collective, a gathering at the Taboo Gardens mineral water nude lifestyle hot tub

Bliss and kiss
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Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa Upcoming Events

September 21 – 27
Desert Burning Lingerie Galleria Nudestocks Sexy Event CXalifornia and Las vegas
Everyday lifestyles all inclusive. The takeover begins and creates the epicenter of sexuality for our California new areas. The International days of Lifestyles Rage as seen in best of Pl@yboy this is an all-inclusive event with DJs and all meals and all beverages this event already almost sold out of all rooms its epic. SexTopia: The Annual Lifestyles Event. The original Fashionistas Day night Sea Mountain Rage – DJs. The original Fashionistas Day night Sea Mountain Rage – DJs. Back to School – College Fever and the Mlf Glf Events – SILK OVER SMI – Look for the Saturday earths sexiest couples – Saturday VIP event the annual event is always sold out solid and is a lifestyles exclusive event! Incredible mash up as seen in Pl@yboy®. This is a lifestyles event in Palm Springs – DJs, Nudestock and Burning events the annual week of upscale sin.

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

October 5 – 11
SHEDONISM™ Venom – An International Lifestyles Takeover with open bars costume contests and more!
The main event is October 8 Saturday but all week it’s a complete take over of the sexiest on earth Shedonism – Lifestyle Desert event at Sea Mountain Love Glamour The goddess festivals lights SMI takeover lifestyles. Our members Love a Nude event within the walls of your most upscale and cleanest sanitary Sea Mountain lifestyles Spa. We are taking the spa and setting it to sea (figuratively) as the Sea Mountain sails you into bliss. A event with of course much worse food but much better guests!! Its an event style of sin and sanity and lingerie nights at SMI – ahoy matey’s or just mate. Danceteria Taboo Gardens Event. A sinful event with Lingerie and less. YES LOVE, returns to the world of sin of Sea Mountain Lovelands LOVE the annual events as seen in Maxim and Esquire. The Lingerie and Costume event of the Year!

October 13 – 18
INTERNATIONAL BEAUTIES RAGE Rolling Stone calls this the Erotica Heart of the USA the month is a Lifestyles Rage and Takeover
Lifestyles elegant takeovers with visitors from over 20 countries in the most sensual and upscale lingerie events – 14 spaces open. This week of sun and nude mineral waters has the best couples and unicorns in the world, events and extra sensual DJs.

October 19 – 25
Lifestyles Over California and Las Vega$ Temple Complete Lifestyle Takeover
Swingers Lifestyles vacation events with only the most upscale couples in the world – 5 rooms left. This fantastic week at the most upscale lifestyles clubs in the world focus on you and a dedication that no other experience can be this positive. More than a vacation its a dream come true. The Las Vega$ SexTopia as seen in maxim cums to both Sea Mountains.

October 26 – 31
Halloween HALLOWEEN HELL-O-RAGE – The Sexy Bash – oct 29 in Las Vega$ and Palm Springs and A Very Special Celebration October 31 at Las Vega$ Sea Mountain Nude Temple
Sea Mountain Halloween HALLOWEEN HELL-O-RAGE - The Sexy Bash Sea Mountain HALLOWEEN HELLOWEEN with huge surprises as seen in worlds most amazing events. Sexy Maniacs BALL The Most Amazing Halloween on Earth. THE WORLD GATHERING ELECTRIC EVENT – SEXY DJs FOOD AND DRINKS UNLIMITED BEVERAGES DINNERS AND COSTUME BURNING EVENT WITH PARADE AND PRIZES and fireworks This is the world’s most high end gathering of the sexiest M@therf@ckers on earth – as seen in Maxim. Every Year it gets bigger as the lifestyles community celebrates in the warm desert with a Halloween festive event that puts every other Halloween lifestyle event to shame. Three days and nights of packed sunshine celebrity DJs shitty food as usual. No we are kicking it up thanks for tripadvisors highest ratings. The goddess festivals light and SMI takeover lifestyles. As seen in magazines around the world the lifestyles. Our Holy Halloween The Nude SIN Costume Parade – Saturday, the falls biggest event already half full! Call NOW 760-251-4744

Sea Mountain Halloween

Sea Mountain Halloween

November 3 – 8
Bliss Waterworld Erotika – Erotica LIFESTYLE MONTH OPENS
IN LAS VEGA$ AND California. A complete lifestyles gathering. The Lifestyles Gathering as seen IN PL@YBOY best weather and the most upscale couples and unicorns on the planet. This is a double header as MANY couples are splitting days between the Sea Mountain and the Palm Springs Sea Mountain Spa. Book early still 6 rooms open for this devastating sexual event the best weather and the Lovers and TIK TOK superstars of erotica are cumming with you.

November 11
Veterans Day Reckoning of American FREEDOMS Over $500 discounts!
As you know Sea Mountain Spa is the ONLY location that keeps your information encrypted – No One will know where you have been except you and with our friends from 29 Palms San Diego our SMI soldiers Navy and of course our Marines and Air Force -and service people- This is your day – Show you id and your stay is just $289 palm springs only for the day and night and the over night rooms! Day spas just $49 per couple with your military ID – Its couples and Women only – Thank you for your service. Las Vega$ too Lovers

November 10 – 15
Blissful Waterworld Lifestyles Sensual Erotika day Dream California back to back lifestyles Takeovers
Book your rooms and Day spas for he BLISS KISS the Waterworld – As the sun shines on your sweet bodies and lifestyles extreme upscale couple gather for the sin days and nights where love is boundless and groups from across the globe descend into Sea Mountain Love. New play area, foam parties, extreme lingerie events and games and annual event of extreme erotica nations.

November 17 – 22
ALL INCLUSIVE EVENT Princess Parties SUGAR SUGAR The B#rn Lifestyles Events Swinglands event almost sold out amazing weather sexiest couples and unicorns. Las Vega$ and California
THE SENSUAL TAKE OVER THE MAIN EVENT IS NOVEMBER 20 – CALIFORNIA B#RN EVENTS If you have ever made it to the PALM SPRINGS ALL NEW Sea Mountain Spa you will find that it’s one of the sexiest weeks and weekend for all the Sea Mountain Princesses. We have some guests coming for the 7th year in a row as one of the most welcoming and wondrous couples and unicorns ever to roam the SMI experiences THIS ONE WELCOME PLAYROOMS WITH THE MOST GLORIOUS SEXY COUPLES ON THE PLANET.

November 24 – 29
Sensualis EROTIKA – The Eve Dream Daydream Sensualis Lifestyles Over California Desire Meets Hedo Takeover with Las Vega$ too
November 27 is the event EROTIKA – Fetisha warm waters. Almost sold out 5 rooms still available for overnight fun! Lifestyles groups hot! – Its the fetisha events from mild to wild – The only place where you can indulge in the fetisha you wish – Either chill in passive Zen with whirlpool parties all day, night pool parties and stars – Look out for Lifestyle This is where you can release your inner self – Rooms are open at the place across the street – Saved for SMI for now. In a place such as Sea Mountain where anything goes, the mystery daze and nightz unfold beyond your dreams – One might ask how can anything go in a place where every thing goes – Breathe dear friends – for this week will tell you the story of love and passion, of Sun Water and ZEN – New Friends, Old Friends or the quiet temptation of romance – Anything goes, especially the clothes, the safe environment of SMI – Come quickly we are calling YOU! Call NOW: 760-251-4744.

December 1 – 6
Sea Mountain Burning ZONE World Sun Air Water SKIN Events the main event is December 3 Saturday is a Las Vega$ rage and Palm Springs Takeover
All week exclusive culminating ON DECEMBER FIRST all inclusive B#RN bring your extreme costume or lingerie – The winters burning style all inclusive lifestyles event – A costume event and rage of rave and love – Our friends from Burning MAN AND 5 LIFESTYLES SITES are coming to feel the spirit of art – Leave a trace – A temple of non judgment, racial harmony and political Unity – All are welcome – Sea Mountain is the antidote to civilization with all meals and open bars and fireworks display plus costume and lingerie parade with over $2000 in prizes the big event. Days and Nights of Art and Tunes our mythic rave and the burning vibe with our burners and Burnees from across the globe. Those who know the motto is not leave not trace but leave a trace at Sea Mountain Burning ZONE world events. THIS EVENT IS ALL MEALS ALL BEVERAGES EXTREME COSTUME.

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Remember to book your SMI MASSAGES early as we have Earth’s greatest healers on the property for Spacation unlike any other 760-251-4744


Click here for the latest Sea Mountain world views of Palm Springs Sea Mountain Spa and the Las Vega$ Nude Temple.
Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa


Look for a large pool and the world’s largest USA lifestyles mineral water spa pool, Witness all new play lands and decadent pool side cabanas and day beds event spa cabanas and all the love in the same way of the original SMI Malibu and SMI Beverly Hills and SMI Desert Hot Springs.

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spas Fried Chicken Offer

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spas Sizzles Sundays Offer

Look for new Sea Mountains opening soon!